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Dr. Balaji Subramanian

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

  • Wind energy
  • Experimental and computational fluid mechanics/aerodynamics.


  • Ph.D, Swiss federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland.

Latest Publications

  • Shaik, Mujahid, and Balaji Subramanian. "Computational investigation of NREL Phase-VI rotor: Validation of test sequence-S measurements." Wind Engineering (2023):
  • Ayyadevara, Narayana Teja, Ravi Kumar Kavali, and Balaji Subramanian. "Study of Rotational Heat Transfer Coefficients in Enclosed Flow Over High-Speed Rotors." ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. Vol. 86700. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2022. (
  • Hemant Kumar Singh, Balaji Subramanian, N. Kusuma and S. Harsha. “Parametric optimization and analysis of pressure sensor chip membrane using design of experiments (DOE).” Manufacturing Technology Today (MTT) Journal: National Conference on Micro Systems Technology - 2020. Vol. 19. Issue 9.
  • Reddy, H., & Subramanian, B. (2022). Aerodynamic Design of Three-Dimensional Bellmouth for Low-Speed Open-Circuit Wind Tunnel. International Journal of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, 16(10), 241-255. (DOI:10.5281/zenodo.7220439)
  • Narayana Teja Ayyadevara, Balaji Subramanian and Naga Suresh Meda, "Experimental and Computational Investigation for Accelerated Testing and Characterization of Next-generation Steam Turbine Rotors," Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications(2022): 1-16.
  • Kumar Rohit, BN Ravi Srivatsa, and Balaji Subramanian "Calibration design evaluations through computational analysis and investigation of a six-component wind tunnel balance." ISSS Journal of Micro and Smart Systems (2021): 1-25.
  • B.Subramanian, N.Chokani and R.S.Abhari, 2018, "Impact of Atmospheric Stability on Wind Turbine Wake Evolution,” Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, v.176, p. 74-82.
  • B.Subramanian, N.Chokani and R.S.Abhari, 2016, "Aerodynamics of Wind Turbine Wakes in Flat and Complex Terrains," Renewables Energy Journal, v.85, p. 454-463.
  • B.Subramanian, N.Chokani and R.S.Abhari, 2015, "Experimental Investigation of Three- Dimensional Flow Structure of a Multi-MW Wind Turbine in Complex Terrain," ASME Journal of Solar Energy Engineering including wind energy, v.137, p. 051007 1-10.
  • B.Subramanian, N.Chokani and R.S.Abhari, 2015, "Experimental Analysis of Wakes in a Utility Scale Wind Farm," Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, v.138, p. 61-68.

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