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भारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान तिरुपति
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Applications are invited for admission to the Ph.D programme starting in Jan 2022 Semester, as per details given below:
Research Areas :
Chemical Engineering:
Multi-scale molecular simulation and statistical mechanics for interfaces & phase transition & crystallization, Granular Physics, Forward Osmosis, Animal Locomotion, Computational Biophysics, Polymerization in microreactor, Multiphase flow, Microfluidics, Machine Learning in Process Engineering, Process Control, Nanomaterials, Food Colloids and Soft matter, Extraction & incorporation of bioactives for nutrition and immunity.
Civil & Environmental Engineering:
Geotechnical Engineering, Pavement Materials, Steel corrosion in concrete, Pavement Design, Tire-Pavement Noise, Water and wastewater engineering, Air quality modelling and management, Environmental Life Cycle Analysis, Accelerated Pavement Testing, Lifecycle Assessment of Roadway Infrastructure, Tire/Pavement Interaction Noise, Composite Wastes in Pavements.
Computer Science & Engineering
Reinforcement Learning, Computer Architecture, AI Accelerator, VLSI Test & Verification, AI for Software Engineering, Software Engg for AI.
Electrical Engineering:
Semiconductor Devices, RF and Microwave Engineering, Power Electronics, VLSI Test and Verification
Mechanical Engineering:
Fluids and Thermal: Fluid mechanics, wave propagation in fluids, CFD, Fluid dynamics and design of wind turbines and drones, Agricultural sprays and nutrient delivery, Agricultural waste to energy, Sprays and Droplet dynamics, Energy storage
Solid Mechanics: Continuum Mechanics, Plasticity, Computational solid mechanics, Mechanics natural fibre composite materials Robotics: Robotics (Mobile and autonomous), Design, dynamics and control of field and service robots
Manufacturing (only for external candidates)
Coordination Chemistry and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Materials Science, Organic synthesis: catalysis and C-X bond activation, Chemical Biology, Inorganic Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry
Algebraic Groups and Representation Theory, Analysis on Fractals*, Inverse Problems*, Computational Fluid Dynamics* * (only for UGC-CSIR/NET-JRF/INSPIRE/NBHM or any other external fellowship qualified candidates with JRF and External Category)
Quantum information and Quantum computation (Theoretical), Quantum algorithms (Theoretical), Quantum optics (Theoretical), Experimental and modelling studies of low temperature plasma, Plasma mediated processing for environmental applications, Theoretical atomic collision physics, Quantum condensed matter theory (quantum chaos, and many-body localization).
Humanities and Social Sciences:
Public Policy: Sustainability, Environmental Policy, Environmental Governance, Human-environmental interactions English: Conflict studies, Migration studies, Cultural studies, South Asian Literature Finance: Empirical Asset Pricing, Financial Risk Management Organisational Behaviour/Human Resource Management: High performance work systems, Sustainable HRM, Leadership, Positive Organisational Behaviour Philosophy: Political Philosophy, Modern Indian Philosophy and Ethics* *(only for UGC-JRF or any other external fellowship qualified candidates with JRF

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To apply online : Click here

Important Dates

Opening date for on-line application 20.10.2021 (Wednesday)
Closing date for on-line application 10.11.2021 (Wednesday)
Written Test/ Interview 20.11.2021 to 20.12.2021
Announcement of Results Next Day of the Interview
Date of Orientation for the selected candidates 22.12.2021 and 23.12.2021

DepartmentsWritten testInterview
ChemistryNo written test13.12.2021 to 14.12.2021
Chemical EngineeringNo written test16.12.2021 and 17.12.2021
Civil and Environmental Engineering01.12.202102.12.2021 to 03.12.2021
Computer Science and Engineering02.12.202104.12.2021 and 06.12.2021
Electrical EngineeringNo written test06.12.2021 to 07.12.2021
Mathematics and Statistics04.12.202104.12.2021 to 05.12.2021
Mechanical Engineering04.12.202116.12.2021 to 17.12.2021
PhysicsNo written test13.12.2021 to 17.12.2021
Humanities and Social SciencesNo written Test01.12.2021 to 03.12.2021